D.A.V. Police Public School, Kurukshetra
Police Lines, Kurukshetra, Haryana - 136118
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Pre Primary Wing  

                                                                    DAV POLICE PUBLIC SCHOOL, KURUKSHETRA
                                                                                             PRE-PRIMARY WING

When you see a smiling face of their happiness all over the place singing, laughing, cries of glee, playing on the slides, on swings, lots of races, Ready, Set, Go; this is how the children grow. If you watch them everyday you’ll see they learn as they play; they’ll do what they see and say what they hear you are their teacher throughout the years. Their ideas and thoughts in their eyes shine. Imagination is a glimpse of their mind when you are not looking, don’t you know this is when the children grow. Watch them as they learn to walk, listen to them when they talk, keep them safe, away from harm; wrap them gently within your arms. Set good examples from which they will learn. At home, at school, wherever they go. This is where the children grow.

Dear Parents,

Our Kindergarten wing embraces childhood as magical time. We intend to provide child-centered education that recognizes and respects children’s inner curiosity and creativity. We provide safe and supportive environment to learn life skills and to take the physical, emotional, cognitive tasks that encourage their growth. Nursery classrooms are often the first experience a child has with formal education. We strive to provide each child with an opportunity to unfold his innate talents. Individual explorations and teamwork are equally emphasized. We believe that discipline must be approached in a positive manner emphasizing the appropriate and minimizing the inappropriate.
We hope that collective efforts of parents and teachers will have a positive influence on the development and in cultivation of good value system in the child.

PRE-PRIMARY WING Activities (2019-20) :

  • Earth Day celebration
  • Labour Day celebration
  • Mother’s Day celebration
  • Enactment - Good health
  • Pool Party
  • Teej Celebration
  • Raksha Bandhan  Celebration
  • Independence day + Janmashtmi celebration
  • Teacher’s day
  • Dussehra Celebration
  • Diwali Celebration
  • Children Day
  • Guru Nanak Dev B’day
  • Republic Day
  • Lohri